Satyameva Jayate


I missed the opening episode of this much-talked-about program on Star Plus. But after seeing all the rave reviews, I didn’t want to miss it the following sunday.

Being a big fan of Aamir Khan, I just couldn’t help admiring him on this show. He has conceptualised & directed the show so well.

He’s taken topics which are usually spoken in hushed whispers in almost every household in the country, and brought them out oh-so-bravely to the drawing rooms of millions of homes.

Yesterday’s topic was sexual abuse in children. And the audience were predominantly parents of young children.

He actually got victims, who are successful individuals now, to open up and share their nightmarish childhoods with the whole nation.

He even got one parent to come forward and admit that she was helpless when her son had complained to her about the abuse he was going through.

He invited experts to offer their opinions on analysing the situation. A lawyer who told us about the loopholes in the law, and how he had to fight for 10 years to convict two foreign nationals who were caught abusing street children in Mumbai.

He bowled over a victim/guest in the show by getting yester-year actor Sridevi to grace the show at the end, because he had said in an earlier interview that her movies had really made those abusive years a bit tolerable. Of course the man was awestruck & over the moon.

But I did find a few things a bit jarring.

Why did he, the anchor, had to wipe his tears surreptitiously every time he spoke to the victims about their abuse?

It’s not like this is the first time he should be hearing such things… Hasn’t he heard of  the ‘casting couch’ in his own fraternity? Didn’t he realise it may show him in a bad light of  not being too genuine?

And I felt he was a bit too short & abrupt with his expert guests. Maybe it was because of time constraints. But did he always seemed to overshadow them or is it just my imagination?

But having said all that I must also say it is really very gutsy of him to do a show with such calibre. If he ever wants to join politics, he’ll beat any of his opponents hands down!