Kids say the darnest things!

My little niece had come down for a visit with her mother. The pretty little thing was more or less the same age as my son.

He was thrilled to bits having a sister living at home.

The first four days were so blissful with both of them playing  happily with each other. They never interacted with any of us except for meal times and sleep times.

But slowly differences crept in and they were at loggerheads most of the time. The house was filled with shrieks and howls of ‘i-don’t-want-to-play-with-you-anymore’ and ‘don’t-talk-to-me-again!’ and more such heated exchange of words.

I happened to hear one of them.

She accidentally kicked his Hanuman maze. He insisted she apologised to Hanuman since he is god.

Growing up on a healthy diet of Hannah Montana and Barbie,  she countered him, “No. He’s not! Hanuman is a monkey. And monkey is a zoo animal!”

With a toss of her long tresses, she pedalled away in his 3-wheeled cycle, leaving him with his chin quivering with rage…


After another big fight between both of them, I took him aside. I had been observing them for a while and knew it was him who was responsible for the whole blow-up. I’d seen  how he’d needled her and had also refused to share his toy.

So, I took him aside and ticked him off. But I’d kept my voice down, reprimanded him as calmly as I could, listed the ‘bad’ things he’d done,  and how at his age, I’d have never done things like that and how I’d  always shared my toys generously with my brother and so on and so forth. I walked off after a stiff warning.

And I returned to my comp and continued my work.

A little later he came bounding towards me.

“Amma! Guees what I found!”

As he came closer, he remembered that I’d just given him a piece of my mind.

He came closer, looked at my face searchingly and asked, “Amma, are you still scary?”

Perks of motherhood, again!