I look in the mirror.

I study my face.

I have my mother’s nose.

My mother’s jaw

My father’s ears.

His sister’s lips.

His father’s build.

His aunt’s complexion.

My grandmother’s gait.

My mother’s phobias.

My mother’s feet.

My grandfather’s attitude.

What does all this make me?

A cosmic leftover?

Om Shanti Om!

omshantiom.jpgSaw OSO finally on sunday! I’m not saying anything that KA or maami didn’t say. Here’s my two-bit.

Loved the movie. Laughed non-stop. Good fun. The second half was not that bad. It was much more bearable than I thought.

Favourite bits: Tiger fight. Shah Rukh’s dig at Tamil. Akshay Kumar. Abhishek. Manoj Kumar. And more!

Verdict: Going for it again. And Shah Rukh, You’re King! I totally forgive you for Swades… (Though a great movie, he pulled it down by keeping a morose face throughout)

What are you spreading?

Ever wondered why we sometimes take an instant dislike to a person, just by looking at them? The other for instance, I met this guy in the gym, who for some obscure reason put me off! He didn’t even talk to me, the poor guy! Just his face put me off! Not that he’s so unpleasant to look at. Maybe something in his face, his eyes or maybe his expression or something was irritating me.
I found it really funny…
Then thinking back I realise I’ve experienced this many times without really thinking about it. If I really get down to analyse it, I think it’s the eyes. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Maybe their negative aspects like arrogance, cunning, scheming minds are all reflected in their eyes.
And on the other hand, there are people who are so nice that I’d immediately wanted to get to know them better. There are some people who spread joy wherever they go.
Like one of my best friends. She’s always smiling. Life has handed some unfair cards through the years, but she smiles throughout and is so enthusiastic, that when I ‘m feeling down, all I have to do is talk to her and I’m instantly energised!
I suppose what I read a few days earlier makes a lot of sense.
” Gloom and happiness are both contagious. What are you spreading?”


I wanted to collect the OSO tickets I’d booked online today and was informed that the tickets have been booked for 20th Nov…

That was 4 days ago! Why am I such a ***@##$?!! What a waste of money! 9 tickets with all the norukku theeni….

More fodder for my better half and all my friends to poke fun till I die… After they forgive me for getting them all excited about a saturday night movie after so long, that is…

Can u imagine, I refused to take my son for 2 birthday parties (of the same guys who r coming for the movie) today & tomorrow, coz  I didn’t want my son to catch any infection & ruin my plans..

How dumb can I get?

Enakku kudhuthu vaichathu avvlothan… 😦


Booked tickets for OSO at last, for saturday evening!! It was pretty cool to book online and order all the pop corn too! Shall review it  this weekend, maybe! Just keeping my fingers crossed that my son  doesn’t ruin the plan by falling ill!  Started a runny nose today 😦


Last week I joined a gym… I’m not too much of a gym person, but gave in to the persistent egging on by my better half to keep fit and joined one 2 years ago. Had to give it up after a year of infrequent, sometimes half-hearted attempts to cultivate stamina… But I did miss it…

Apart from the health benefits, I found it very entertaining… You get to meet so many characters and you get to observe them at pretty close quarters! (more of that in future blogs)

This post is about something else, totally! Like I said, I joined another gym last week to give fitness (and now weight reduction) another shot.

Here I am, feeling thrilled to be back, cycling away to glory. I didn’t even have time to look at the people around me, when a plump a little older lady(slight peter) walks up to me and says ‘Hi!’

And starts some conversation about my earring… How she’s been eyeing it from when I walked in and wanted to know where I’d got it. I gave her the details, between my puffing and panting… And she asked me “so when did u join this gym?’ ‘Yesterday’, I replied. “well, get out ASAP”, She said.

What?!!! Looking at my puzzled expression she informed me that the place had a bad reputation and how some woman there ‘solicits customers’ etc. She also said she’s planning to leave and rattled off some names of very nice gyms around…

I was flummoxed! What do I do now? This was the closest to the place where I have to wait everyday for two whole hours. I’m just making full use of that time, instead of sitting around, doing nothing.

Anyway I had a whole weekend to think. Now I’ve decided to stick with it, at least till my membership for 3 months is up… And I joined only after checking with two good friends who’ve been using it for the past year. And keep bumping into some more friends there too…

Maybe the lady has a personal vendetta with someone there. Or even if someone ‘solicits customers’, its her personal affair (literally!). I’m there for a purpose and as long as I don’t get any bad vibes from the place, I’m sticking to my fitness agenda…

And by the way, the plump lady was right next to me today, shouting at the instructors to reduce the volume of the dappankoothu song in the system!

Hello world!

Hello world! This is a blog I created to help a friend start her own blog. Now that I’ve created one, I might as well write in it!

I’m from Chennai. I’m a work-from-home mom with a 3 year old. I do not have any strict topics to write about… From Chennai to kids to movies to books… Anything I feel like at the moment…

Lets start with the movies…

I’m yet to see Om Shanti Om. Been getting mixed responses from friends who’ve seen it. Some say, its absolutely fabulous, esp for us who grew up on a diet of hindi movies in the 80s… One friend swears the film gave her a bad headache.. One said its nothing but mindless comedy… Another said it was like those programs we used to see in college culturals…

So, anyone got anything to say?!!!