I had all my four wisdom teeth removed before I turned 20. ( Don’t know if I had too much wisdom or I’ve lost all of it after that!)

But it was rather a quick and painless procedure, by a kind & young dentist, who was referred to me by my friend K, after he did away with a tooth of her own. But it had not been not so easy for her…

“He’s so cute & charming!” she’d gushed.

When I did meet him for the first time, I was impressed with his soft-spoken demeanor, which put me at ease immediately and made me forget the usual dread associated with dental dramas.

In the next five years, I had two root-canals, of course, the afore mentioned 4 wisdom teeth removals and some fillings. (which doesn’t talk much of my oral health!)

K too had had her own share of fillings and such.

He  watched us both growing from gawky college students to young professionals.

K had some trouble with a wisdom tooth, but the drama queen that she was, totally resisted pulling it out. The kind dentist tried his level best to convince her. But her painful experience with the removal of the first one prevented her from even thinking about it.

After a few years, she couldn’t take the pain and agreed to it.

I got a call from her late one night. I could barely hear her.

“I finally did it.” she said in a  hoarse voice.

“Did what?” I asked.

“Pulled my wisdom tooth out!”

“Wow! Congrats!” I said. “But how did it go? Were you ok? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I was so stupid. Thought I could handle it alone. But you have no idea how painful it was!”

“Oh, you poor thing!” I sympathised.

“I started crying and became totally hysterical…”

“God! ” I said, picturing the Dentist’s horrified face. He was such a gentle & kind young man. He must have been totally traumatised. “What did the dentist do?” I asked.

“He kept saying, ‘Its alright, Don’t cry’ over and over. And when I didn’t stop, he leaned over and kissed my forehead. I was so shocked that I shut up immediately.”

“What??????!!!!!” I shrieked. “He kissed you???!!”

“On my forehead! Don’t make a big issue out of it. ” she hissed. “He was so flustered, he didn’t know what he was doing. We know him for too long to jump into any conclusions. And if you dare breathe a word of this to anyone, you’re dead meat, okay?” She warned.

“Okay,” I said and hung up. But I was brimming with mirth when my fiance who was also a colleague, called me five minutes later. “Guess what?” I asked him. “K got kissed by her dentist, when she was crying! But its top secret and don’t tell anyone!”

I thought we’d put it all behind after a few weeks of ragging poor K.

Not to be. I  got a call from K at work one morning.

“How dare you?!” She spat at me. “I am coming there right now and giving it off to you !” She screamed.

Apparently she’d gone for this ooh-la-la office party and was thoroughly enjoying herself, when the Vice-Presiden’s wife spotted her. After a cheerful greeting and some air-kissing, she asked K, “So, how’s your Dentist?” and gave her a knowing wink!

“I’ve told only you!! How did the wife of my Vice President get to know of the dentist episode?!”

I guiltily confessed that I’d told my fiance.

After grilling him, he confessed he had shared this with a senior colleague. Who happens to be K’s Vice President’s wife!


We soon lost touch with the dentist after both of us moved out after marriage.

After years, a visiting cousin wanted to consult a dentist.

Imagine my shock, when I suggested my old friend, she immediately said, “The Kissing Dentist? No way!”

I was gobsmacked.

I could have (maybe, by a teeny weeny  mistake) told my sis-in-law years ago….

Or my then-fiance and now-husband may have told more than one person…

I really don’t know how the word had spread and I cringe each time I pass by the poor guy’s clinic.

He’s really excellent and efficient in his chosen profession, people. Take it from me…