Cold is common?

Hi folks! Its almost 20 days since my last post. I was travelling a bit, been down with fever, cold and cough and my broadband connection went on strike. No idea if that’s rectified because my monitor crashed on me and I cannot get my desktop to run till it gets repaired or replaced…

Enough of my woes. As I sniff and inhale the aroma of eucalyptus oil when I’m still groggy from last night’s dose of anti isthamin, I cannot but reflect on my father’s argument on cures for common cold.

His point is when modern medicine has advanced so much in recent years, why isn’t there a quick relief from cold? When scientist are racking their brains to find a cure for cancer and such, why hasn’t anyone bothered to work on common cold?

His says its a conspiracy between the government and the pharmaceutical companies, who make their monies by selling us paracetemols and anti isthamins for atleast 4 days per person. All these medicines control the symptoms only and do not destroy the virus. If we ever get a medicine to do that , the pharmaceutical companies would lose millions.

I tried arguing that it takes that many days for the cold virus to leave one’s body, but he wouldn’t let go. He just rambled on & on…

Though at that time, I thought it was just a load of nonsense from his over-active mind, now I’m beginning to wish I had a magic pill that’ll make this horrendous common cold vanish in a minute!