Love is in the air!

My son fell in love with this girl in kindergarten. He was all of four and made elaborate plans for his wedding. (You can read more on that here)

Then he changed schools and fell in love all over again with another girl. But of late he’s been very reluctant to talk to me about her. He changes topic swiftly or goes into silent mode when I ask him about her.

He is eight now and all his friends have started hating girls. So he’s under a lot of peer pressure to follow suit. Now he has started saying things lik, “oh, that’s so girly!” or “Yuk! Girls!”

Last week, I was just getting into the car when the phone rang. It was for my son. He hadn’t gone to school that day, since he had not been well. But miraculously he was well enough to tag along with me to the mall in the evening.

“Hi G!” He greeted his best friend enthusiastically. Since I had a driver that day, I had no option but to lean back in the seat and listen in. I didn’t really mean to eavesdrop, but he was so loud and kept repeating what his friend said word by word that I had no choice!

Here’s an excerpt:

“I was not well in the morning, dude!”

(Once I tried calling him that. He gave me a dark look and said, “Amma, it’s ‘dood’ not ‘dude’ ok? a la Ra-One style.)

“What? You want to go into the bedroom, lock the door & tell me something? why?”

“Oh! You want to tell me a secret!”

“Yes, I can hear you”

“WHAT? YOU HIT ‘A’ ACROSS HER EYE? BUY WHY?” He practically screamed into my ear.

“Shhhh. ” I tried to silence him. For heaven’s sake that poor boy was telling him a secret!

He looked at me a bit apologetically.

“She said what?? SHE SAID SHE’S IN LOVE WITH YOU?!!”

“GOD!!!!” He broke into giggles.

“Teacher gave you detention for hitting a girl? But you didn’t have to hit her, dood. That too on her eye!”


I gave him a dark look. He just ignored me & turned towards the window. After a few more digs at his friend, he said, “You know, my life is so nice. No girls, no detentions. Only a few best friends and a lot of happiness!”

“What? You don’t want to talk about it anymore? Okay, let’s talk about something else.”

“Do you still think there’s a ghost in your house? Oh, I hear noises too dood. But they disappear when I switch on the light.”

“But tell me. what are you going to say to A when you meet her tomorrow?”

“Hmmm… Yes, you’ll have to see her in language class. And games…”

“Oh ok. Let’s not talk about her anymore.”

“You had a nightmare?”


“Yeah, I had one like that when I was 6.” He went to on to explain a nightmare where a witch tried to stab him. ‘Funny.’ I thought to myself. I’ve never heard about that till now.

“And guess what? Once I had a horrible nightmare. I can’t even tell you about.”

“I had a nightmare that a girl kissed me!!!! Eeeekkks!!!!”




He repeated it in a shrill voice “SHE KISSED ME!!”

By now I was thoroughly embarrassed. Not only did I see the driver’s shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter, but also curious looks from people in other cars around us.

“That’s enough!” I hissed.

“oh, ok”

“Hey dood! I’ve reached the mall da. Will see you tomorrow at school. Ya, Don’t worry. We’ll think of ways to avenge what A did to you. Bye!”

“Amma. here you go!”

He handed the phone back to me.

Despite his claims that he’s officially in the girl-hating phase of his life, my son still gets a little starry eyed when he talks about this girl whom he was hell bent on marrying the whole of last year.

But I’m not supposed to acknowledge that. Nuggets of precious information will be told in the passing with no room for me to comment or follow up.

“I sat next to S in Maths class.” he’d say in a small voice. And quickly follow it up with, “G pushed me today and I got hurt” much louder, so by the time I get a full account of his fall and subsequent hurt, I’d have forgotten all about the girl.

When I’m waiting at the school gate to pick him up, I can easily tell if she’s in front of him or behind him. When he drags his feet, stops to examine a leaf or a twig, I know she’s walking behind him with her friends. When he’s all bright-eyed and hops towards me all ready to leave, I know she’s way ahead of him, already clutching her mother’s hand, walking towards the gate.

Once I was n the phone with my friend. She heard my son trying to tell me something and said, “Tell him I’m missing him. And I love him”.

I dutifully repeated it.

He gagged. “Yuk!!!! I hate that word! It makes me vomit!”

“Which word?”

“The one you just said.” His face contorted in disgust.

“Love. Yikes!” He ran away.

Now I’m waiting for him to get over this phase and come a full circle of liking girls again. But something tells me as a teenager, he’ll not really confide in me the way he does now.

So the sole purpose of this post is to make him read it when he’s that age and watch him squirm!