We don’t need no education….

“Why should I go to school every day????” This was the first thing my son said, rather screamed every morning when the schools opened after the long summer break. “Why can’t I stay home & watch TV all day?”

The fact that he’s started 1st Grade in a new, bigger school didn’t help either.  He was still getting used to the idea of staying longer hours at school and (his voice breaks every time he says this) he has to eat the  lunch they serve him  everyday.

One particularly trying morning, we saw the gypsy man who collects garbage from our houses with his little daughter who’s almost the same age as my son.

“Look at the poor girl,” I told him, as we drove past. “Her father collects garbage all day & does not have the money to educate her. So she has no school, no teachers,  no friends and she will probably never know if she can become a doctor, an artist or a dancer.” Warming up to my lecture giving mode I droned on. ‘All day she’ll be on the streets with her farther, collecting garbage. Isn’t that sad?”

He mulled over it for a long time. He had tears in his eyes when he quiveringly replied. ” But I’m sure she’ll have more fun than me everyday…” And promptly burst into tears…