Arrangements of love – Book Review

This is my first book by Timeri N Murari. I always thought he wrote non-fiction.  This book is however a fiction, set in our good old Madras.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of  a son’s search for his long lost father.

It starts in the U.S. of A where he’s born and brought up and takes him to India. And once he lands in Chennai, it leads him through its chaotic lanes to Royapettah where he finds him.

How he establishes a semblance of relationship with his father and the pretty detective who helps him in his search is the story.

I  enjoyed seeing my home town through the eyes of an American.

Right from where he loses his suitcase to a thieving taxi driver the book never loses momentum. 

For the first time I could relate to the locales mentioned in a book. The story cruises through Mount Road, Nungambakkam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chetpet, Marina Beach – all places I’m so familiar with.

The story is masterfully told. Suspense at the right places, a dash of humour and shifting the story from the eyes of one main character to another is brilliant.

Emotional Drama, Romance, Mystery all mixed together just right to make the book a great read.

The characters portrayed are so genuine that I think they’re not fiction!

A policeman who writes poetry, a estranged wife who’s also a clandestine love of the boy’s father, his poker buddies, all seem so paradoxically real.

Of course, Rom Whitaker and his croc bank play a cameo role in this book, but all the others seem so real too!

A truly wonderful book, And more so if you’re from  good old Madras!



  1. davematt said,

    February 17, 2009 at 8:46 am

    I tried one book by Murari, The Small House and was thoroughly disappointed, not sure if I want to take another shot at him. I just completed another book that I am sure you will find interesting ( Try it.

    Really? I’ll try some more of his books & get back to you on this! Yup, I’ve read ‘No onions. No garlic’. A friend gifted it a couple of years back. Loved it! Fantastic book. Your review is bang on too!

  2. kusublakki said,

    February 18, 2009 at 2:40 am

    “Emotional Drama, Romance, Mystery all mixed together just right” – Those are always fun to read!

    I am not from good old madras, but i’ll certainly try to get my hands on the book.

    Just out of curiosity – have you read no onions nor garlic? Its hillarious!

    🙂 Yes! I have! Just loved it!!!

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