God is in Giraffe…

Now that my son is going to be four and is proving to be too much of a brat, I’ve started bed-time stories with morals.

After a nerve-racking and nerve-wrecking tantrum session, I stumbled upon a story. Never planned anything, but made up the story as we went along.

It started with a naughty boy who was rude to his mom, mean to his dad and troubled his parents whenever he had to eat a meal or drink his milk.

A monkey watched him for a long time and when he’d had enough, he carried the boy to his tree, locked him up in a cage at the top.

The boy was frightened and started crying for his mom.

“Ha!”, jeered the monkey. “You never respected your mom. Why do you need her now?” asked the monkey.

“I want my Dad!” cried the boy. “Ha!” jeered the monkey again. “You’re mean to your dad. I shall not take you to him”, said the monkey.

“I want food! I’m hungry.” cried the boy.

The monkey burst out laughing. “You never let your mom feed you all these days. Now you want food! Out here we animals eat only leaves. I’ll get you some”, said the monkey.

The boy was so sad, he started praying to God. God came to his aid, argued with the monkey to return the boy to his parents.

After making the boy promise that he’ll behave better at home, the monkey let him go.

God asks him to close his eyes, and says the magic words, “Abracadarbra!”

When he opens his eyes, the boy finds himself back home. He’s so happy to see his parents again, eats his dinner with them and all three of them go to sleep.

At the end of the story, I was very proud of myself. It just kind of evolved into a story which corrected all his vices at one go. Or so I thought.

My son loved it too. He kept asking for it everyday.

After a while, he started adding to it.

Yesterday, I narrated it again. When I came to the part where the monkey says that animals eat leaves, he piped in, “Amma, Giraffe eats leaves.”

“Yes, baby,” I said and continued with the story.

When I reached the part where the boy prays to God, he quickly interjected.

“Not God ma, the boy prayed to the giraffe!” he said.

“No,” I said. No one prays to Giraffes. We only pray to God,” I explained.


When I started to laugh, he was so mad that he threatened me with dire consequences. (I’ll become a lion and eat you! Don’t laugh!”

Just to make peace, I had to change the story a bit and make the boy pray to the Giraffe and the Giraffe saves him and takes him back to his parents.

And after umpteen sessions, he’s still rude to me, drives me up the wall during nap times and mealtimes and throws tantrums at the drop of a hat.

I guess the moral is for me and not him…

Scriptures say we should see God in all creatures.

Maybe my son sees him in a Giraffe!



  1. Pradeep said,

    April 15, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    lol I’ve seen my mom do this with my brother. He was the one who never ate on time. I, for a change was a samathu kid who ate and slept on time even without my mom having to tell me. But just like in most other cases, here too the samathu kid was penalized in the long run. My brother grew up to be tall dark handsome with “the” figure while I grew up to be overweight…. Life is unfair I say! 🙂

    ha ha! you bet! that’s the moral for your story!!!

  2. maami said,

    April 17, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    Remember the corny B/W song:”Kuzhandaiyum deivamum gunathaal ondru…?

    Ya, i do. But there’s nothing remotely godly abt my kid! Grr…

  3. Vijay said,

    April 28, 2008 at 10:23 am

    lol.. Have been there… tried this out on my son when he was the same age… unfortunately the “morals” that I wanted to embed and the morals that he concluded were totally different 🙂

    🙂 so true!

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