Long time, no blog…

I’ve been tied up with work for a while and the school has been closed too. So there has been absolutely no time to blog for the past two weeks. Nontheless, I’ve been reading, rather hurrying along all the blogs on my roll…


I just started on a book of short stories by Ranjit Lal. The first story is a must-read for women like me who yearns for a pencil-thin figure! Its called ‘The caterpillar who went on a diet’. Lal is a great story teller, and almost all his stories are about animals. But with remarkably human characteristics. The last book I read of his is ‘The life and times of Altu Faltu’. Its about a monkey called Altu Faltu, a son of a Brigadier monkey who regularly scavenges for cough syrup bottles in the dustbin, gets stoned all day .. His life takes a dramatic turn when he meets his ladylove. The book was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Coming back to ‘The caterpillar…’, the story is about a caterpillar called Nimbu who gets brainwashed by Ms. Twiggy, a stick insect to lose weight. Twiggy advices Nimbu to eat less and even start an aerobic programme. After a while, another caterpillar enlightens Nimbu about Ms. Twiggy’s ulterior motive. To cripple Nimbu while she becomes a butterfly, so that she can eat her up without a chase.

Though it sounded like a fairy tale, the story had a deeper meaning for me. Why am I obsessed with being as thin I was years ago? I’ll just accept the fact that I’ve gained weight as I’ve grown older. I’m not that virginal 20 year old anymore. Marriage and motherhood has given me a few kilos, so what? Maybe the extra fat is to cushion me from all the crises the men in my life’ll keep throwing my way!!

I will keep up with my gym & yoga for health reasons, more stamina, etc. But will not lament about my weight-gain anymore! I’ll just buy my clothes 2 sizes larger!!!


  1. maami said,

    January 20, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    If you are fighting saying ‘I am a few kilos more” in that mournful way where does it leave portly maamis like me? It could also be because H & I have been playing cellulite voodoo on you!
    You gifted Lal as a birthday read for me once, remember?
    🙂 I’m beginning to think that the more we fight fat, the more we accumulate it! I shall let u know if this strategy works!
    Ya, I do remember gifting u Lal, but never got any feed back from u!

  2. lakshmi said,

    January 21, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    Paddu, for some the pregnancy weight comes off 4-5 years after the baby is born. Then it is a matter of some strenght training to keep some muscles from turning flabby. I think you have done great -seeing your pictures.
    My instinct would be to continue with some form of exercise, be it yoga or housework or even pick up a new sport/activity you enjoy but never played before.. tennis, rowing, bowling, swimming, cycling, or even bhangra – and play/dance once a week. You will feel good being active. I cannot take the stuffy sport clubs, but try a variety of activities as the mood takes me!
    Now that is not saying I don’t want to shed a few pounds myself!
    Oh, I didn’t know that! Was wondering why I’m suddenly putting on weight! Anyway, the pics u see are all those taken months ago!! I’m back to the gym thesed ays..Lets see if that makes a difference!

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