My mind, the monkey!


A long time ago, I listened intently to a speech on the part played by the mind in an illness. I was fascinated. Till then I’d never connected both. It was amazing that your mind was the culprit which gave you a headache, tooth ache, bellyache, heartburns, even tumors.

“Especially tumors and arthritis!” the speaker had emphasized.

So, if you can control your mind, you can heal yourself completely from any illness.

“Any?” someone asked.

“Yes” she stressed.

Apparently there was this person who’d cured himself of AIDS, by simply making positive affirmations everyday and ordered his immune cells to multiply. And after a few months it just happened.


Your mind has immense potential, it seems. While without control, it can give you innumerable ailments, but with control, it can make you a healthy, strong and loving person capable of miracles.

The talk was so impressive, I enrolled myself in a Reiki class the same weekend.

Did you know that our bodies have a glow of light around us, which cannot be seen by the naked eye? It’s called an aura. All of us are born with the capabilities to heal ourselves. Our ancestors did. But we’re so caught in the stresses of modern world, which we seem to have lost touch with that side of us. After the class I read extensively on every book I could on Reiki. It was fantastic. My migraine headaches vanished without a trace.

Then I came across a book on mind & body. It also preached almost the same thing my Reiki master had taught me, but this was simpler. Every negative thought you have produces acidic substances in your body, it claimed. And every positive thought calms your mind and encourages soothing chemical reactions inside. So if you think positive, you become happier and healthier. And the book also recommended various forms of visualizations. For instance, a woman with stiff knee-joints used to sit quietly for about half an hour every morning, close her eyes and visualize a warm and golden liquid, being poured on her knee joints.

And her knee was totally healed in a month!

Books on mind-body-healing drew me like a magnet. I spent hours browsing books. Ended up spending a fortune on such books.

I picked up this book on charkas. Your aura has seven energy points called chakras. And as long as energy flows through these chakras without a break, you’re safe. But once there’s block anywhere, an illness manifests. And the book shows how to deal with such blocks. It was so intense, I decided to save it for a rainy day.

Then came a book which taught me to be a witch. Not in a bad way, but according to the book, a witch is some one intuitive and compassionate, who listened to people with her heart. She is the nourisher of her loved ones. Someone who identifies and connects with the good energies around her. But during the middle ages, they got such bad publicity that they were hunted and killed and had a lot of stigma. This book teaches women to get in touch with their intuitive sides and develop their own capabilities to heal themselves and others through a series of exercises. I found this book extremely riveting, but once I finished it, I never got around to actually try anything from it…


Then a friend told me about Tai-Chi. I was impressed as usual and looked around for a place close home where I can enroll.

My husband put his foot down. “You will not join”, he thundered. “But, why?” I asked him feeling very annoyed.

“I’ve been watching you going from Reiki to meditating to crazy visualizations to chanting to being a witch to what not!” He roared. “Enough is enough. From now on I do not want to hear another word about your crazy obsessions. Why can’t you be happy with what you are?!” And went on to lecture me about being at peace with myself and being happy with just what I have.

“Ok.” I agreed sheepishly.


And then baby happened. My mind constantly occupied with all the harrowing baby-things, I had no time for any introspection after that.

Though I’ve been observing the various mind-body stuff from a distance, I’m waiting for my son to start full time school.

Then I can try that Art of Living class. Catch up on Yoga.

Maybe I’ll join an aerobics class.

And yes, definitely Tai-Chi!taichi.jpg





  1. Rekha said,

    December 27, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    I once enrolled in a Pranic healing class under immense emotional blackmail from my grandmother. My teacher also told me I was good at it and that I should proceed to the next stage. However, that was the time I moved to the US and since then I think I might have healed twice in about 4 years. Now, I doubt if I remember how to do it.
    Yes, I heard about that one too. Its very similar to Reiki. All these things have amazing potential, but its so difficult to incorporate it in our daily lives after a while! I guess its much easier to let go and get lost in the mundane, I suppose!! Padmaja

  2. lakshmi said,

    December 29, 2007 at 1:40 am

    Nice graphics! One needs the mental makeup to appreciate these art forms.. something I lack.

    Thanx!! Its really no big deal! I just had a lot of time in my hands to search for pics!!

  3. maami said,

    December 29, 2007 at 10:23 am

    Yen korangu bhuthikku eduellam serivaradu!

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