Crazy Classmates -I

I had my share of classmates who were crazy too…
(Again names have been changed to protect their various identities)
Romeo Ramanathan
This guy used to sit next to me some days and give me updates on his love life when class was in full progress. He had a girlfriend who was in another college in the city. He always referred to her as “my chick”. I used to have visions of a bright yellow baby chick in a frock, sitting on his arm everytime he said that. Since I’d met my Mr. Right back then, he used those conversations to prove that his love was way supeirior to mine…
I never bothered to contend.
Here’s a super statement he once made. I lamented to him once that it was 10 days since I’d seen my guy(That’s how some of us “chicks” used to refer our love interset! Yikes!! I know!) and he immediately piped up. “Oh that’s nothing! I’ve not seen my chick for 15 days!” She was apparently down with chicken pox. I made all the appropriate sympathetic noises and went back to my books. Next day he looked jubilant and was smiling away at me everytime the lecturer’s back was turned. So I had to ask him, “So whats up?”
“I saw her today”, he beamed. “She’s allowed on dates so soon?” I asked.
He looked at me loftily.
“Her mother told her that now that your chicken pox is healed and you can go to the temple…”
He paused for effect.
And she came to see her god…”


1 Comment

  1. maami said,

    December 18, 2007 at 4:05 am

    Gawd, how insufferable this God could be?

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